Production Zone: D.O.C.G. Colli Orientali del Friuli 
Grape Variety: 100% Picolit 
Growing system: Traditional Friuli single inverted. The very low yield per vine and the naturally scant constitution of the grape bunch combine to give an extremely low production volume per hectare (around 1,500 Kg/hectare).  
Harvest time: The last week of September
Vinification: This absolute monarch of wines requires no modern techniques in its vinification: after late harvesting into cases, the grapes undergo natural raisining process, with the development of noble botrytis rot, lasting approximately 60 days until the optimum natural sugar concentration is achieved. The entire grape is hand-stripped and gently pressed. The resulting must then ferments slowly and matures in 225 litre barriques, where it remains for more than two years. The wine is bottled during the month of July, but is only presented to the consumer after a suitable resting and maturing period in the bottle.
Availability: In the autumn three years after the harvest. 
Indicative Values: Total acidity 5.6 g/L; alcohol content 13.50%, residual sugars 180 g/L
Colour: Vivid golden yellow developing into an almost amber colour after a few years of aging. Its luminance and clarity radiate preciousness. 
Notes on flavour and bouquet: A generous and delicate bouquet of exceptional elegance, redolent of honeycomb dripping with honey from the all the flowers of the meadow, ripe fruit, peach and apricot jam, and figs. The palate is sweet but not cloying, aristocratic, warm, velvety and refined. A wine of striking breadth of bouquet and taste and a persuasive persistence. A gentile, delicate and distinctly feminine wine, of an elegant beauty to be discovered slowly.  
Serving Temperature:  Serve cool but not cold.
Serving Suggestions: This meditation wine par excellence is rather difficult to match with food. It is a good accompaniment for small, dry pastries and pâté de foie gras, but, as they say: “Picolit is just Picolit”. To be enjoyed on its own, with nothing else but a devout attention in an intimate conversation between the wine and the senses of sight, smell and taste.