Verduzzo Friulano

Production Zone: Ipplis e Cividale del Friuli 
Grape Variety: 100% Verduzzo 
Growing System: Traditional Friuli single inverted and French Guyot with a plant density of 4,500 vines per hectare
Harvest time: The last week of September
Vinification: The grapes are allowed to raisin naturally on the vine to concentrate the sugars and aromas, and are harvested late, stripped and gently rolled. The resulting must is allowed to macerate for a few days on the skins (at a constantly controlled low temperature), then pressed and fermented in small 225 litre barriques of different vintages. Once the desired alcohol and residual sugar concentrations have been achieved, fermentation is arrested with careful use of cold. After separation from the residues of fermentation, the wine rests in barriques for more than a year, during which time it matures and acquires, in part, the aromas of the wood. The wine is bottled in the month of February, but is only presented to the consumer after a suitable resting and maturing period in the bottle.
Availability: In the early spring a year and a half after the harvest. 
Indicative Values: Total acidity 6.0 g/L; alcohol content 12.50%, residual sugars 130 g/L
Colour: Clear and luminous intense golden yellow.
Notes on flavour and bouquet: A vinous, distinctive and alcoholic bouquet with delicate honeyed and vanilla notes from the barrique aging. The palate is sweet, corpulent and robust with a slight tannin component, typical of the variety, supported and closed by an amalgam of mixed tastes and flavours from the barrique.
Serving Temperature: 10 - 12 °C
Serving Suggestions: Dry desserts, almond cake and creamy, mascarpone-based desserts. Also sublime with prosciutto and figs, pâté de foie gras and pumpkin gnocchi.